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NG-Floor Series

Interactive Floor Display

Pixel Pitch:2.6/2.9/3.9/4.4/5.2/6.2

Premium Interactive Floor Solution

NG-Floor 000.png
Typical Indoor Fixed Solution
NG-Floor 002.png

Super Strong

Load-bearing Performance

Featured with point-to-face contact and support

technology, its load capacity is over 2,000kg/sqm,

so bearing the weight of a car is not a big deal for

NG-Floor series.

NG-Floor 005.png

Product Key Features

  • Interactive Effect(Multi-point Touch)

  • Highly Stable

  • Easy to Service

  • Wide Viewing Angle

  • Adjustable in Height

  • Super Strong Load-bearing Performance

NG-Floor 006.jpg
NG-Floor 007.jpg
NG-Puzzle data.jpg


NG-Floor 010.jpg

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