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The Public Places

In commercial streets, airports, hotels, theaters,  museums, and other public places, a suitable screen can make the overall style more fashionable and have more visual impact, while bringing considerable advertising revenue at the same time.

Retail Window

The Retail

Shop windows are an important way for retail businesses to promote brands and introduce products, and attract more consumers to purchase. A transparent screen that combines elegance and technology is absolutely the best choice.

Auto Dealer

How to attract more passersby's attention, display new products efficiently, make the car more impressive and also have a sense of high tech?
Simple!A suitable transparent screen can meet all your needs at the same time.

Car Dealer.JPG
Marketing Events and Exhibitions

Marketing Events and Exhibitions

LED screens have become an indispensable element for product go-to-market, events, and exhibitions, etc. Dynamic product introductions are not only more intuitive and efficient but also more impressive.

Building Walls

Glass curtain walls gradually occupy the main part of city buildings. How to make better use of these glass curtain walls? Without changing the building structure or affecting the light pass rate, a single screen can make the entire building more functional.

Building Glass Wall


Outdoor advertising LED screens can be seen everywhere now. For outdoor advertising screens, in addition to waterproof protection and corrosion resistance, resolution, brightness, refresh rate, and other issues also need to be considered, ensure that each screen with the best performance.

Data Visualization

The data center is the core of business management, decision-making, etc., it plays an important role in transportation, public safety, finance, and other industries, so it is more necessary for the screen to have the characteristics of high stability and high resolution.

date center display.jpg

Retail New Media

The definition of retail new media is very broad, and the technologies that can be used in retail new media are also very diverse. LCD is undoubtedly the best choice for such small-sized scenes.

“There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

-- Milton Glaser

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