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NG-FLX Series

Indoor Flat+Curved Screen

Pixel Pitch:1.9/2.6/3.15/3.9

Specially designed for curved splicing with NG-Puzzle series (indoor flat screen)

NG-Puzzle 003.png
Typical Indoor Fixed Solution

Any Design You Want

FLX and Puzzle cabinets share the exactly same specifications, resulting in better compatibility, excellent color uniformity, and perfect flatness. It is a mature solution for flat + curved splicing. NG-FLX modules can curve up to 30°. Combined with NG-Puzzle, it can realize various eye-catching, creative shapes.

NG-FLX panels are available in multiple cabinet sizes, such as 500x500mm, 500x750mm, 500x1000mm, 750x500mm, 1000x500mm, etc. Whatever panel sizes you want, the NG-FLX series can perfectly meet your needs.

NG-FLX 005
NG-FLX 009.png

Product Key Features

  • Seamless Splicing between Flat and Curved 

  • Prevent Overbending 

  • Safe and Reliable

  • Various Sizes

  • Cost-Effective

  • Flexible Customization

  • Easy Maintenance

NG-FLX 010.png
NG-Puzzle data.jpg



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