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NG-Rental TK

Indoor / Outdoor Rental Series

The First Outdoor 2.9mm
Pixel Pitch:2.6/2.9/3.9
NG-Rental TK 02
Typical Indoor/Outdoor Rental Solution
NG-Rental TK 005.png

Stunning Visual Performance

  • Stunning Visual Performance

  • High Contrast Ratio

  • Astonishing Flatness

NG-Rental TK011
NG-Rental TK 006.png

Product Key Features

  • Ultralight and Robust

  • One-man Handling, Install Quickly

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Universal Module, Power Box & Frame

  • Satisfying Your Creativity

  • Multiple LED Protections

NG-Rental TK009
NG-Rental TK010
NG-Puzzle data.jpg


NG-Rental TK Data.jpg

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