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Video Wall

Amazed by Super High Display Quality

LCD Video Wall is a large visualization surface that is made by various LCD displays called ‘tiles’. The design of these individual displays is specifically for use in these applications. In other words, it has much better quality than normal TV screens. Normal television sets are capable of working for a few hours day. While these specific panels are expected to work much more hours. Often 24/7 or even days continuously. And because the environments in which these video walls are deployed are sometimes critical, the uptime should be maximum possible. 

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Our Products

Our LCD video wall products are available in 46, 49, 55, 65 inches, and other sizes, all of which use original splicing modules, and the colors are more gorgeous. According to different technologies, the seams between LCD screens are 0.88mm or 3.5mm.


According to different needs, it can be assembled into different sizes, which can realize split-screen display, full-screen display, part area display, and other functions. and our product can realize 360-degree arbitrary rotation, arbitrary splicing of different sizes of screens, bringing infinite possibilities for your creative splicing.

Types of Installation

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