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Ultra Slim

QLED 4K Signage

High-end brand display

Size: 43 inch / 55 inch

Resolution: 3840x2160

Ultra Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth Design

QLED Trchnology: Energy Effeciency, Durability

Android 11 OS

Wide Color Gamut  Anti-glare Screen

Key Feature

Pushing the Boundaries of Color, Meeting All Your Needs

Elevate your visual experience once more! The enchantment of QLED technology is here, offering perfect color reproduction and delivering breathtaking visuals. 

Leading the Design Trend, Fulfilling Individual Demands

Our cutting-edge design not only makes the screen smarter but also infuses it with artistic inspiration. We understand that everyone has unique aesthetic demands, so our product will meet your design desires. It's not only powerful in function but also stylish and exquisite, making your living space truly outstanding.


Crisp 4K Quality, Content Control at Your Fingertips

With 4K resolution, it presents every detail in the picture. And the built-in WiFi feature lets you effortlessly control everything. Enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere, no longer bound by time and place. The power of control is in your hands.

Safety First, Explosion-Proof Glass for Your Peace of Mind

We understand your concerns, which is why we've incorporated explosion-proof glass technology to ensure the safety of the screen. It's not just a testament to product quality but also a commitment to your and your shop's safety.

In this product, we've combined the most advanced technology, unique design, and powerful functionality to provide an outstanding viewing experience. Whether you're a TV enthusiast, a designer, or a tech aficionado, this product meets all your needs. It not only changes the way you watch TV but also elevates your lifestyle.

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